Mountain Bike Skills Sessions

Mountain biking is a fun way to get outdoors and get some exercise, especially with friends.

What is holding you back?
Fear of falling?
Not sure how to tackle a feature?
Been riding a while, but know your technique could be improved?

Explore MTB sessions will help you build a strong foundation for your riding. By developing strong skills and techniques, you will gain confidence and have more fun riding your bike.


Mountain biking is so much fun and we think everyone should have a go! Take the fear out of failing, and let us help you develop your skills in a safe and supportive environment. By creating and refining strong foundational skills, and progressing at your pace, you will be able to expand your skills and feel more confident to explore new trails and features.

We believe in keeping it simple.
- We’ll explain the “what, why and how” of a skill
- We’ll show you clear visual demonstrations of a skill
- We’ll work with you to practice each skill in a controlled environment before taking it to the trails
- We’ll provide feedback and encouragement to help you get to grips with each element of riding

Fungi Explore MTB Skills Lessons

Topics Covered

Brakes and Gears
This session will ensure you know how to use your bike controls effectively and efficiently. This will mean you are more prepared and confident to react to upcoming changes in the trail. As a result, you will be a safer rider and have more fun!

If your bike has a dropper post, we'll cover that too!

Body Position
This session looks at how you position yourself on the bike to create stability and increase flow in your riding. More flow, more fun! By learning different positions and where you should use them, you will be a more stable and confident rider who can progress their riding onto more difficult terrain.

Trail Awareness
In this session, we look at the different types of terrain you might find on the trails, various features you might come across, and line choices. It’s time to explore and play on different terrain so you gain confidence to tackle whatever comes your way.

Cornering Basics
While cornering is a topic that could have you exploring and experimenting for a long time, we will cover off the basics so you can maintain speed through corners with confidence. Experiment with expanding your range of movement on the bike and learn to use this to your advantage to improve your cornering.